Ways to Rise From Bankruptcy That You Never Thought About

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Everyone doesn't want to fail. It felt like the sky was about to collapse, eyes were dizzy, and suddenly the body went limp. In the Indonesian dictionary, bankruptcy means to suffer a considerable loss and fall; out of . My friend Mas Jaya Setiabudi defines bankruptcy (in his book: Anti-Bankruptcy Book) as no money to continue activities. I hope this way of rising from bankruptcy that I experienced can inspire.

As far as I've learned, two follow-up attitudes can emerge after going bankrupt. The first is downright down, pessimistic and dead (mainly suicide). Or get up again, trying to from the bankruptcy and bounce back. Honestly, choosing to die is a lot easier way to go than continuing with what's left.

But of course, at your own risk. If you choose to get up again, there is also a risk that must be borne. It could be that you become increasingly dizzy because the debt will pile up or move slowly according to your ability, but it will take time to walk again.

I once went bankrupt in 2009/10s. The business that I started suddenly could no longer run. My debts have piled up to exceed the assets I have. I tried hard to get the company running again for almost a year. Still, subconsciously I piled a burden on myself because I had to think about paying employees, office rent and many variable costs that had to be covered. This story became a part of my life that I will never forget.

Start Rising Back

Thank God I was able to get up slowly. Other stories of some good friends who have experienced bankruptcy also vary. Many choose to move back to their hometown, or some decide to cut down on unnecessary desires. There are various types of businesses that are run. A friend is in the car washing business, a mini-market business, a car buying and selling the company, and a property business; all of them are entirely bankrupt. So, there is no business in this world that is not likely to go bankrupt.

What needs to be underlined is that no one wants to go bankrupt. Bankrupt is also not a word that indicates pessimistic things. If you're going to go bankrupt, go bankrupt. Some went bankrupt because they were tricked, some were mismanaged, some had the wrong strategy, some were because they chose the wrong business partner. The origin of bankruptcy can come from anywhere.

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Because the story about bankruptcy is not only from one type of business, I connected one account with another. A friend who cheated 3 billion immediately went bankrupt without doing anything. In less than six months, it has bounced back. Now the debt is liquid again after a while of default. Another friend, bankrupt because of his outrageous lifestyle, is now up and running his business with a much more open heart.


These stories are moving. I even planned to write a book about how to deal with bankruptcy. Because in my opinion, their stories should be heard by all business people in this world. Let it be an inspiration, not only business inspiration but also life inspiration.

But what I want to write here is not how the skills of my friends rose. So remember the story of Donald Trump, who once almost went bankrupt, couldn't pay the bank but instead was given more debt for his business. Especially for those related to our expertise, integrity is number one. When we go bankrupt, integrity will us. With his integrity as a businessman, Donald Trump can convince the bank that he still needs support even when it falls, and the bank believes.

This integrity, in my opinion, has to do with a track record—everything about what we've done.

Integrity spoke when I decided to step down from the office where I worked. Also, I choose not to play blackhat in internet marketing anymore because of integrity. Oops, sorry, this second one is an option. It has nothing to do with integrity.

How to Rise From Bankruptcy

Well, after the track record. There is more to be done. This, if my friend says, relates to things outside the world. It's true that when we fall bankrupt, we must surrender ourselves completely to those above. Fortune does have him. But these three moves, and this one addition, are great patterns that not everyone knows but have been practised many times by the broke and all rise again.

1. Bankruptcy is a good time to give alms

When is the best time to give charity? The answer is only one when we have no money. If we are in a lot of money and then give charity, it will only make us mainstream like most other people. But imagine when we need money (for example, bankruptcy conditions), and we give up our money (perhaps the last money we have) to be donated. This is just great.

I was confused when told by one of the very successful travel agent entrepreneurs in Bandung. My friend too. How he started a business with 150 thousand. Not for capital, but for charity. The story is that my friend is in a very tight condition. His wife is pregnant, the rent must be paid immediately, and in her pocket, only 150 thousand, and she does not work. In a frantic condition, he decided to go to an orphanage in Bandung and tell all his problems (while crying sadly) to the manager. Then, in the end, he gave 100 thousand to the orphanage and the remaining 50 thousand to go home.

God immediately answered his prayer. On the bus on the way home – not even home yet, one of the universities in Bandung called and asked him to take their students to Bali for a study tour. Since then, his business in Tour & Travel has skyrocketed unstoppable. What's even more impressive is that he leads his industry very gracefully. On various occasions, he always wants his employees to advance. Some of its employees are given a travel agent business franchise that they own for free. He said that managing a business is like having a family, always trying to be close and listening to the complaints of other family members. Extraordinary.

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The story's turning point was when this friend of mine gave ‘bigger' alms to the orphanage than he had pocketed himself. It means that God gives the level of resignation, that fortune is already above the threshold of others. Her belief that God would not torment her, even when she didn't know how, trumped all common sense. That's where it all started. It is the same as believing that Gusti Allah is closer than our veins. Or we believe in heaven and hell, even though we haven't received any testimonials yet.

The level of submission and sincerity triggers the nullity of fortune to flow unstoppably. Alms is only a tool to measure the level of our seriousness. So, give more charity when we are broke. And more when we are successful.

2. Your mother. Your mother. Your mother.

This is absolute. No religion does not glorify a mother. All the successful people I know have not neglected their mothers. The last time a ‘weird' incident that I ever encountered was when I helped one of the largest direct-selling companies in Indonesia with a turnover of 4 billion a day. The owner loves his mother. Every time a new branch office is opened in the region, it is not the director who cuts the ribbon, but he leaves it to his mother to do it. Oh yes, there are more than 300 branch offices throughout Indonesia.

At every opportunity, he always brought his mother with him. You can see the deep inner connection between the two. When he was outing with his employees in Lombok, I remember very well it was Monday morning when I was told that his mother had died. Immediately he left the outing and headed for Jakarta. Almost everyone who saw him that day at the funeral home agreed how tough he had to face the death of his mother. After being in the funeral home all day, he finally returned home. In the morning, Tuesday, I was surprised by the news that he followed his mother, died, in a kneeling position. After that, we all realized that he was holding a profound sense of grief during the night when he was at the funeral home.

I would not have believed this story if I had not experienced it myself. Witness how he and his mother were buried simultaneously and side by side. I always get goosebumps when I remember my experience on this one. What does that have to do with bankruptcy? Well, nothing. But at least, we must understand that success will not be separated from what we do to our mothers.

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Another friend was scammed by billions of business partners and went bankrupt. Then he decided to move to Bandung. The first thing he did has come to his parents' house. Take a basin filled with water, and he washes his mother's feet while kneeling to apologize if there is something wrong he has done so far. Since then, in less than six months, he could bounce back and continue to skyrocket until now.

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There's nothing rational here, but that's what makes us more reflective. This is, again, a symbol of submission and sincerity. Back again, like childhood, when we don't know what to do, who will we complain to? Mother. So to shed all our sins and evil deeds at the time of success, to whom should we turn—only one, mother.

3. no matter what happens

The question is, can we think positively when we fall? It's hard, but you have to. Only with positive thinking will the aura in our body continue to move towards goodness. Fill our environment with optimistic too. Don't be broke, then we gather with fellow bankrupt people.

Positive thoughts can be reflected in all things. Talk positively, stay with successful friends, or don't even find fault with others that caused us to go bankrupt. Positive thinking makes us look for solutions, not intimidating ourselves, looking for the causes of the bankruptcy that we experience.

All my successful friends or who have risen from bankruptcy are positive thoughts. Everything. This is seen. It is not easy when we fall, surrender and be sincere; at the same time, we must always be positive. But there is no other way. This is one of the rising patterns that I have observed.

One of my good friends who successfully rose from bankruptcy was even cheated (again) by some money by people from abroad, and there was no look of regret in his eyes. He just said maybe he (who tricked him) needed money. Extraordinary! So just let it go.

The three patterns of rising from bankruptcy above are very undeniable. But there is one more thing that makes our journey of awakening perfect. That is in addition to one tip below.

4. Reconnect the relationship

When we go bankrupt, it feels like all our friends go away. Many will offer to help, but not as severe as we think. They think that if we contact them, they will borrow money. In this lowest position, it will be obvious which one is a friend or has only used us for their interests.

So, stay in touch with anyone. Open the list of books on your cellphone again. SMS old friends that we have never invited to meet. Invite to meet. Don't even invite us to complete to borrow money. Avoid it. But invite to meet really to stay in touch. Stories about old things that make you laugh and have fun.

Some friends recommend us for their projects or information about other business opportunities. From this connection, the unexpected usually emerges. We never know what will happen in the future, but we must see or seize every possible opportunity, even at the time of bankruptcy though.

I still hope that friends who read this article are not in a state of bankruptcy. But if so, please try the 3+1 formula above. Doing it with all your heart guarantees you will rise from bankruptcy very quickly. Just remember, going bankrupt is not the end of everything. It could even be the start of something better. Amen.

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