Saving Gold, Profit or Loss?
Saving Gold, Profit or Loss?

Saving Gold, Profit or Loss?

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Gold is one of many people's favorite investment fields because it is considered the safest (safe haven). Not surprisingly, gold is called a crisis-vulnerable investment.

When people are crowded with loose dollars, selling stocks, bonds, and reps in times of crisis, gold is actually being pushed or bought. Worth the price of gold sempat rose to the highest level in last year's pandemic.

Today's gold investment is not as steep in physical form as gold bars, gold jewelry. But the other one is the gold savings onlinee.

Save gold on online gold investment platforms bespoke and Antam, as well as through online shopping sites. Yes, to reach tujuan investment, such as DP home, marriage expenses, child education expenses, and others.

Are you one of the ones who likes to save gold? for long-term investments has both advantages and disadvantages. Here's the loss of saltingg gold:

The Benefits of


It is the first advantage of gold savings that is easy to cash. It means it's easy to sell again when it urgently needs cash. To sprinkleung gold jewelry, just sell it to the gold shop.

Those with gold bars or precious metals, can be pawned or sold to a pawnshop, Antam, or gold shop. If it has online gold savings, do a tranwitness sell through the application where you save. The process is very easy and fast.

2. The price tends to be

Saving gold is just like protecting the value of wealth. Because, the price of gold tends to be . Even if it rises or falls, it will not be as drastic as stock prices.

Therefore, gold is known to be the safest investment. The risk is minimal, because even if sold again, you can still get optimal results.

3. Tax-free

If you invest in deposits, you will be taxed at 20 percent for deposits of more than Rp 7.5 million. Temporary tax rate of 15 percent when investing in mail government debt.

But saving stocks for investment is tax-free. Income Tax (PPh) Article 22 shall instead be imposed on business entities that sell gold. So, momkan charged to the buyer.

4. Interest-free

Saving gold is just like investing in sharia products. Because, gold savings transactions follow sharia law, which means there is no interest.

5. Small capital, less than Rp 10,000

Buying one gram of physical gold should prepare a money of around Rp. 900 thousand. But saving gold online just needs pennies.

You can already save gold online with capital starting at Rp. 5,000. Some even offer capital of 100 rupiah or 0.0001 gram.

Gold Saving Disadvantages

1. Failure to make regular supplementary income

The name investment certainly expects to be able to make additional earnings every month or every year. Examples such as deposits as well as debt securities …au bond.

But not by saving gold, for there is no interest or coupon. You can only make a profit when you sell gold. Even if the price sell higher than the purchase price.

2. Must save new long-term gold profit

The result of saving gold for investment will be felt when done in the long run. It means more than five years. Examples of gold prices in year 2011 ranges Rp. 500,000an per gram.

Currently, the price of gold is hitting Rp. 900,000 a gram. That means, the turnover is about 80 percent within 10 years. If you have 10 grams of gold in in 2011 worth IDR 5 million, sold this year at the above price, then a total of around IDR 9 million.

Good thing it's around IDR 4 million. Compare when you save short-term gold. Buy 10 grams of gold in September 2011, when the price was IDR 557,000 per gram. Then it was sold in the same month in 2012 for Rp. 575,000 per gram. You only earn Rp. 180,000.

3. Fake gold

There are only bad guys who practice gold counterfeiting to make big profits, especially when gold prices soar. One of his mods is sisephemeral silver with gold plated.

Fake gold was then formed jewelry and sold to the public. If you are not careful when buying gold, you may be a victim of fraud. So, fittingIf you're saving gold in the form of jewelry, buy gold at a trusted family store.

While if saving gold online, choose a place or platform that has a licensed or official registered Financial Services Authority (OJK), the Ministry of Local Regulationsgangan, or bappebti to safely avoid fraud.

4. There are gold and administrative care fees

For those of you who save gold online, there are administrative costs such as opening an account, selling or buying transaction costs from a savings provider service emas.

In addition, there is also a cost of gold childcare facilities per year. The magnitude depends on each provider. As well as the cost of printing gold, because even gold remains physical.