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iPhone Xs: Dust and Water Resistant with IP68

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The Xs, in all its luxuries, came last year. Uh, it hasn't been a year yet. Still four months ago. Precisely on September 21, 2018, Apple's masterpiece was rereleased. If you visit Apple's official website, the Xs is still perched on their website. Yes, it's fair. This is still a new category of the company's output. It could be perched for a year until the latest product is announced again.

Well, about what is presented on the ? So things we have to do before deciding to spend. It would be nice to take the time to read my writing. I hope you can convince yourself. Do you need this one ? I also hope this article can be objective.

From the name alone, the iPhone Xs is the successor of the iPhone X. The name is the successor, and there are new things. Or maybe something improved from its predecessor. So, as usual, this post will be rooted in comparing the two phones. Its predecessors and successors. Okay, go ahead. Here's my iPhone Xs review.

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iPhone Xs

I put this point at the beginning to explain the latest features that may be present on the iPhone Xs. I wonder if anything has improved or remains the same from its predecessor. Let's operate together.



Iphone Body
Iphone Xs


Dimensionally, the iPhone Xs and iPhone X are still the same. The size is still this way, 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm. If I convert it to centimeters (14.36 x 7.09 x 0.77 cm). Even the thickness is quite thin, huh—less than an inch. We need to imagine the ruler that we usually see. The average cell phone is getting thinner day by day. I wonder sometimes. The next few years will be made as thin as anything. Erm, is it as thin as an ATM? Maybe.

It weighs a little more than three grams from its predecessor. From 174 grams to 177 grams. Hey, what was that added to the iPhone Xs. I'll let you know later. Haha.

iPhone Xs has also been equipped with front and back glass on its body (front/back glass). I become more and more worried when I have this phone. The price is fantastic. Then, accidentally fell. This heart is broken. Uh, I mean the glass on the iPhone Xs. That's why I use silicone. So that when it fails, it's not too broken.

Take it easy. A stainless steel frame will also help the phone body remain strong. But it doesn't add to the load on the phone. Naturally, the iPhone Xs is relatively light in weight.

Slot for SIM card. As usual, you were still using nano. But there is something new here. Apple added a new eSIM (electronic SIM) technology on the iPhone Xs. An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without using a nano-SIM (Apple, 2018). So this phone can use dual SIM cards. Where is one of the SIMs does not require a physical card. Then the data is stored digitally by the iPhone Xs.

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I don't think I'll stop discussing the iPhone Xs body points yet. The problem is that several new technologies are implemented in this new Apple phone. For example, there is an IP68 certification embedded in the iPhone Xs. What is an IP68 certificate?


IP Rating IP68
IP Rating IP68 Iphone


IP68 is a certificate code established and issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as a system for clarifying the level of security in electronic equipment.

Understanding the above, I reported from several sources that discuss IP68. Based on the articles I read. The explanation about IP68 is quite long. The point is this, IP stands for (International or Ingress Protection) the number 68 is a code. The number 6 represents dust, and 8 illustrates water.

But is there a limit to the protection? Oh, there is. On the iPhone Xs, Apple allows a swim to a maximum depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes. For those of you who like diving. I suggest not taking this phone too.

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Lastly, for the body. There is NFC technology (Near Field Communication) which is usually on the back of the body. It's not visible. However, the body can scan it. Just bring it closer to the scanner. They are usually used for payment processing. For example, Apple Pay transactions (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX certified).



Display Iphone

The display on the iPhone Xs, in my opinion, is getting majestic and starting with the Super AMOLED touch screen type. Did you know? This type of touch screen can provide clear images but with low power consumption. So that the battery is still efficient even though the screen is bright. The iPhone Xs is also said to give a 16 million color experience on the net.

The full-screen screen has a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels. And the ratio is 19.5: 9 and has a density value of 458 PPI. I have repeatedly reviewed a good PPI value. If the value is more than 290, it is good. Then the PPI value of the iPhone Xs is excellent.

Apple also consistently protects the screen. They always provide a scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating to protect it. So you don't have to worry about scratches that might occur.

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The embedded operating system is iOS 12 and can be updated to iOS 12.1 or even more if Apple re-updates its iOS. At the same time, the chipset on this phone is the Apple A12 Bionic (7 nm). Then it is supported by a powerful CPU called Hexa-core (2×2.5 GHz Vortex + 4×1.6 GHz Tempest). Plus the GPU that supports it, Apple GPU (4-core graphics). My friend said iPhone Xs is the fastest iPhone ever. Wow. I also agree with this because the specification data is written that way.


apple iphone xs review 12

Dear women. What are you waiting for at this point? Btw, I apologize for always assuming that. You see, I often meet women who like to take pictures. Then comes the assumption. Immediately yes.

iPhone Xs is equipped with the most apparent camera in this century. Hey, time? Let's take a look at the iPhone Xs camera together. The primary camera (rear camera) has a resolution of 12 MP. Plus a camera with a telephoto lens (telephoto) with a resolution of 12 MP too. It adds to the appeal of people who like photography. The Quad-LED dual-tone flash feature that Apple did not forget was added to this camera phone.

How about a selfie camera? The resolution can be straightforward for selfies: 7 MP. Not to forget, effects are also given when taking selfies with iPhone Xs to add to your excitement in taking pictures of yourself.

For those who want to vlog. iPhone Xs can provide a capable quality of 1080p@60fps in recording your blog videos. So the can be clear and smooth when played back.


Finally, this review has reached its end. For anyone interested in discussing the iPhone Xs and its contents, let's write your comments below. Okay, guys, wait for me in the next post. I hope it is functional. See you soon!