iPhone 4: The Pioneer of Video Call Features in the Iphone Generation

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iPhone 4: The Pioneer of Video Call

It seems that the speed of smartphone vendors is constantly racing in releasing the latest smartphones with the latest specifications and features, which is also what causes older versions of smartphones to lag because of the many newcomers.

Like vendors from one of the technology giants, Apple Inc. always makes the latest innovations when releasing their smartphone series. This year alone, Apple has released several iPhones with very up-to-date features at a somewhat surprising price.

This high use of the iPhone also encourages the company to continue to develop its newest product. Apple has released many versions of the iPhone with updates that are always new from time to time.

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Then what about the old version of the iPhone?

This time we will discuss the third-generation iPhone released by the Apple Inc company, namely the iPhone 4. Being the successor of the first and second-generation iPhones was a bit of a PR in its own time.

The iPhone 4 was released in June 2010, when there was a market demand that wanted new features because the iPhone 3Gs had just been released, and an evaluation was carried out. In the same year, Android has intensively entered the Indonesian market so that the demand from Apple 4 also increases.

A new era begins with the iPhone 4, where the video call feature has been embedded in this Apple smartphone. Of course, this feature can be an advantage to be proud of compared to the previous generation.

The iPhone 4 has features that the previous generation didn't have. Now let's talk about what features this third-generation iPhone has?


The appearance of the iPhone 4 is still very cool because the material used is stainless, which surrounds the side of the iPhone 4. With the distinctive Apple logo on the back, the first impression that comes to mind is “expensive.” The iPhone is very well known as a brand with stable quality and price. The materials used from generation to generation continue to use quality materials and continue to be developed to have solid physical toughness.

The screen size in this series is 3.5 inches, wide enough for a 2010 smartphone, but if you compare it to today's smartphones, which have a wide enough screen, you will lose, but remember. Don't compare past and present smartphones, because nowadays, all vendors seem always to display large screens to meet the needs of the smartphone market.

With a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels and 326 PPI, it fits perfectly with the screen size. In addition, it is also sufficient to display the clarity of the screen on the iPhone 4, especially coupled with a widescreen Multi-Touch display that makes the screen very comfortable when used.

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The shape of the iPhone 4 is sufficient to hold in hand and does not have a standard thickness so that when held, it will also be very comfortable. And once again, I say that the size of the iPhone is large compared to other smartphones.

As protection on the iPhone 4 screen, it relies on a Corning Gorilla Glass type screen to withstand collisions when used daily. The iPhone is still one of the smartphones with good toughness compared to smartphones belonging to other vendors. In addition, there is IPS technology or In-Plane Switching, which will add a plus to this version. Then the color choice of the iPhone 4 has two colors offered, namely black and white.


Camera iphone

The iPhone 4 has a camera that is sufficient to produce good images and colors, and this version is equipped with a primary camera of 5 MP so that it will be enough to capture the moment using a smartphone. In addition, unlike its predecessor, the iPhone 4 is equipped with an LED flash so that when used when shooting in the dark, it will produce a brighter image.

The LED flash on this camera is also one of the advantages of the iPhone 4. Another advantage of the iPhone 4 is the video call feature, so that there is a front camera embedded in this version. Unfortunately, the front camera of the iPhone 4 still uses a VGA camera to support this video call feature.

This video call feature results from requests from users who expect a video call quality on this third iPhone. The company also carried out the development of this feature repeatedly, and it took quite a long time before this video call was released through the Facetime feature.

To activate it is also relatively easy by pressing the button that says “Facetime” during the phone call process. This feature can also be used in landscape mode, so it doesn't have to be standing or portrait.
For business performance, iPhone 4 has advantages compared to the previous generation. The processor of this iPhone 4 version uses iOS 6.0.1 or A4, which is Apple's operating system. This operating system is efficient enough to be used in iPhone 4. This processor will also support operating applications on this Apple smartphone.

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In addition, the iPhone 4 is equipped with 512 MB of RAM, which is sufficient for use in multitasking mode. In my opinion, applications that require large RAM to run are not recommended for use on this iPhone 4.

In terms of performance, the iPhone 4 is quite reasonable compared to the smartphone generation of its time. But for now, I think that much RAM will make it difficult for users to operate this iPhone.


Spacious storage space is undoubtedly a benchmark in choosing a cellphone because files such as photos, videos, and others require space to store all collections. This iPhone 4 also has internal storage space that is large enough to accommodate various files.

An internal memory capacity of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB is enough as shared storage space. Unfortunately, this version is not equipped with an external memory slot that can be added when there is a shortage of storage space.

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For battery matters, all mobile phone users want an enormous capacity to be used for a long time. iPhone 4 uses a non-removable battery for the battery itself or cannot be removed manually from the device itself.

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With a capacity of 1420 mAh, it is enough to use on the phone in a 3G mode for 7 hours with a standby time of 300 hours and for internet use for 6-10 hours. With this battery, it is enough, but compared to the current smartphone capacity, most of which are more than 2500 mAh, this iPhone 4 is quite behind.

Overall, the iPhone 4 is good enough to be used this year for a smartphone class. But if we compare prices, there are already many smartphones that can compete with this year's iPhone 4. But it still has its place compared to other smartphones in the hearts of its audience.

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