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How to track a lost cellphone in 4 easy steps

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If you've you've ever your cellphone before, and you must have thought like, “Where was the last time I put it?” then immediately panicked while looking for where your cellphone was last placed. All drawers, cupboards, tables, and furniture in the house were searched and scrambled, but no cell was found. It'sIt's undeniable that a raging feeling begins to cling to the mind, but stay calm and do these three easy steps to be able to find your cellphone again. Please continue reading because after knowing these methods, you will immediately be able to find the cellphone that has been instantly.

1. How to track a lost cellphone with IMEI

What is IMEI? which is not the name of an artist. IMEI stands for international mobile equipment identifier. Usually, IMEI is used for cellphone identity and makes it easier for operators to track the whereabouts of cellphones connected to the network. Using the IMEI, which contains essential information, the number of 15 digits embedded in the respective cellphone box must be recorded and stored correctly. How important is IMEI? Yes, if you say it's essential, it's necessary, but if you say it, it's not crucial. All cellphones are equipped with an IMEI number that cannot be the same.

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Because by knowing this IMEI number, you can track your cellphone, but it requires extra effort if you only use the IMEI, because in general, no cellphone owner knows by heart and even remembers the 15-digit IMEI number. Don'tDon't even know which IMEI number, let alone the function of the IMEI itself. Even though the manufacturers who make cellphones have attached an IMEI number sticker affixed to the bottom of the box on the back of the cellphone, there are still people who don't know it.

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However, if you want to know the IMEI number on your cellphone, press *#06# then press the call button; after that, the IMEI number on your cellphone will appear according to the number of SIM cards used. Then choose one to track it.

phone ime

But what if the cellphone is already lost and can dial the to find out the 's IMEI? If that happens, use the IMEI number listed on the cellphone box that says the IMEI number. That way, there are two locations to find out the IMEI number on the cellphone.

How To Use IMEI To Track Your Phone?

If it is true that your cellphone was stolen, you can do this by sending a 15-digit IMEI number email to cop@vsnl.net, which contains the following data:

After that, it will be processed by the GPRS network of the cellular concerned for approximately 24 hours. Even if your SIM card has been removed from the cellphone, this process will continue. When using an IMEI number, it is possible to track a cellphone, but not everyone or cellular operators want to use it. For mobile operators, there is still much work to be done instead of having to spend time tracking a cellphone. By using BTS scattered throughout the city, it is not impossible to do, but it takes much time to find it again.

How to track a lost android cellphone can not only be tracked via IMEI, but there are other ways to track a lost cellphone with Gmail, with WA, with GPS, by phone number, and via email, which is easier and more practical to do. Let'sLet's peel it off one by one.

2. How to Track Lost Android Phone By Phone Number

After looking for references on finding a lost android phone by phone number, many concerns use this one site, and then I tried to use it too. What site is that? Go to the site www.ceebydith.com then on the left menu, there is an option “search HLR / cellphone location,” then enter the number to be searched, then click SEARCH.

find phone

Here, Google Maps does not display the exact location of the phone. However, it only shows the origin of a number, especially GSM, because this site explains that HLR Search is a simple application to help you find out the basis of a number, especially GSM. Hence, it is not to track the whereabouts of a number.

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Because this site is often misinterpreted as a number tracking application, even though HLR is just like a place of birth, even if you live and live in an area far from where you were born, your home of delivery will not change. And when you are asked where you were born, you will answer with the same answer as your place of birth.

3. How to Track Lost Android Phone With Gmail

Type in Google “Find my device,” then select ENTER.

Then select “Find my device – Google Account,” then enter the email and password you want to track in the provided column.

Then select “Find Lost or Stolen Phone.”

Then select the mobile device you want to search for.

Then fill in the password, and select next.

Then select find.

Then a google map will appear, showing its existence. If the cellphone is near where you live, select play to ring the cellphone, or if the sound source is not found near where you live, select secure the device so that others cannot open the data contained in it. Or you can also choose a wiping device if you want to delete all data on the device. This trick can also be done to track down a lost cellphone that is dead.

4. How to Track Lost Android Phone With GPS

This method is almost the same as the previous method, which is to use Google as the browser then visit this link. Find my device. Then fill in the email and password on the Gmail account and enter the email address used for logging in on the mobile device you want to find out.

If you have successfully logged in, and it turns out that the cellphone is active. Then it will be automatically tracked by the GPS position where the phone's current location is located. Like the example below:

The display above, which I gave a blue circle, shows the presence of the phone that I am currently looking for. How easy is it not to track the whereabouts of an Android cellphone with GPS?

Furthermore, under the android image, which is located on the lower left side in the image above, there are menu commands such as “play sound,” “Secure device,” and “Erase device.”

Below will be described each use:

  1. Play sound: used to ring the lost android phone or search with the maximum volume.
  2. Secure device: used to lock an Android phone that has been lost so that other people will not be able to use the phone in any way.
  3. Erase device: Delete all data, files, or other important files stored on the phone. Such as photos, videos, and social media accounts that you have. The above steps can be done without having to install the application first.

How to Track Lost Android Phone With Google

That is by first setting up the “android device manager” in Settings, then selecting Security, then selecting Google or Settings, then selecting Security, then selecting google settings.

google find device

Activate this feature to ensure that the phone is connected to the service from Google Device Manager to be controlled or tracked remotely. How to log in using your Google account, and usually this google account is set from the first time you activate the phone. So when you want to start the Find My Device feature, you no longer need to set up a Google account unless you have more than one account, then please select which version to use.

Then set the GPS mode with high accuracy to display more accurate results when tracking the cellphone. Next, do the feature settings by clicking on google-security-settings and selecting the “find my device” section. And make sure you have enabled all those settings. Or you can also download the Find My Device application via the Google play store at the following link “Find My Device.” After everything is done, the tracking can start.

Note: As long as the cellphone has not been factory reset, it is still possible to try to track the Android cellphone, but if the cellphone has already been factory reset, it is unlikely that you will be able to find the cellphone.