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5 Types of Investments That Are Profitable For Families, Can Be For Beginners!

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Are you confused about choosing a profitable investment for the future? Relax; this condition is quite natural for beginners.

Choosing an investment that can provide a significant return is undoubtedly the leading choice for everyone. Because as we know, one of the goals of someone investing is of course because they want to get profits that can improve their financial condition.

But behind the shadow of the enormous profits, investment activities also, of course, have a risk of loss that must be watched out for.

Therefore, make sure that you choose the right investment instrument and generate according to your financial goals.

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5 types of profitable investments

There are various types of profitable investments that you can choose right now. However, just being profitable doesn't mean it's the best for you, right?

Well, if you are a beginner and want to invest to meet your 's basic needs, here are some choices of the best and most profitable investment types.

1. Stock investment

Stock investment is a type of investment that can provide large profits but also has a significant risk of loss (high return, high risk). Therefore, good knowledge and analytical skills are needed for those of you who want to jump into stock investing.

You can learn from the experts and implement tips for novice investors. Currently, there is a lot of educational content related to this that you can find on the internet.

As a novice investor, in this type of investment, you are advised to buy shares from blue-chip companies, namely large companies that are hundreds of years old and tend to be stable.

If you have mastered the science and methods of analysis in choosing a good stock issuer, then it is not impossible if you can reap enormous profits later.

However, keep in mind again that stock investments also have a high risk of loss, so you have to stay alert and not go along with people to buy certain stock issuers.

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2. Gold investment

Gold investment

Gold prices tend to be stable, making gold investment often considered one type of profitable investment and has minimal risk for novice investors.

In addition, currently, gold investment can also be made online through the Gold product owned by Pegadaian, Antam, and the marketplace and only requires small capital. That's because you can buy precious metals with a minimum of 0.01 grams.

That way, you can start investing in the future without having to spend too much.

However, this precious metal or gold investment generally has to be done in the long term, such as more than five years or even 10 years, so that the profits can be more significant.

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3. Land and property

Land and property become the following type of profitable investment. This type of investment can be managed for the 's economic needs in the future.

Why is that? The low tax imposed on this type of investment makes people compete to own property assets in strategic places.

In addition, land and property have also become one of the primary needs of everyone at any time for housing needs so that the value will be more expensive from year to year.

Investments in shophouses, housing, rented houses, apartments, office buildings, hotels, and so on are part of property investment that can be carried out primarily if these buildings are located in the center of the crowd, which makes the price even higher.

Families who own land and property investment assets are also likely to get profitable passive income until old age.

4. Bonds

Bonds or debt securities are investment instruments that can generate relatively large profits and have a lower risk of loss than stock investments.

Bonds are debt securities issued by companies or government agencies as a form of borrowing which will then be repaid at the principal price of the debt along with interest or the term coupon.

In addition, the percentage of profit in the form of coupons from bond investments is also considered relatively stable so that it can be an investment choice for beginners.

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5. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are an investment instrument that is a favorite of many people, both beginner, and expert investors, apart from investing in stocks.

The reason is that mutual funds have several products that potential investors can choose according to their risk profile. Mutual fund products are divided into several types:

  • Money market mutual funds
  • Stock mutual funds
  • Fixed income mutual funds
  • Mixed mutual funds

In addition, mutual fund investments are also considered the safest compared to stock or bond investments because the funds raised from investors are invested directly in securities portfolios managed by investment managers.

This means that the funds in mutual funds are funds collected from investors, while the investment manager is the party trusted to manage these funds to generate profits.

Therefore, for those who want to invest in mutual fund instruments, make sure you choose the right investment manager and have a good track record.

Meanwhile, mutual funds do have a lower percentage of return compared to stock and bond investments when it comes to profits.

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How to increase wealth from investment profits

Profit is the most eagerly awaited thing from investment activities. However, so that the benefits obtained are more and more multiplied, you can take advantage of these advantages by plunging into the business sector.

Even so, choose a promising business sector such as an education business that will never die because education is one of the community's needs that will continue to be sought at any time.

Pintek, as a fintech company for education, has a mission to encourage the transformation of education in Indonesia. This means that for those of you who run a business in the education sector, you can apply for financing at Pintek so that your business can continue to run and develop optimally.

Through the PO/Invoice Funding product, businesses in the education sector can get funding of up to billions of rupiah with a tenor of up to 24 months. In addition, the interest charged is also competitive, starting from 0.9% to 2.5% depending on the credit scoring.

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