5 Inconsistent Result of Working
5 Inconsistent Result of Working

5 Inconsistent Result of Working

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Work is more than just performing an obligation. Work must also be from the heart, consistent, and done professionally. Anyone who works hard, is persistent, and dedication, as well as commitment, is guaranteed to achieve success.

On the contrary, people who lack consistency far from the word succeed. For example, consistently come to the office early in the morning, consistently write two articles in a day, consistently finish work on time, and others.

That is, however severe the challenges of office work may be, you consistently do what is already a task and a responsibility. It's not fickle, it's not even easy to give up.

Finding a consistent person in the office is quite difficult. But there must be, it's just rare. Because being consistent it needs high commitment.

Consistent is the key to success. There will be consequences for you who are inconsistent in your work, anything? Here's an overview:

• Lack of competence in

Consistency can make you focus on working. Whatever the outcome, you don't care. The most important thing is to do your best on the job.

While if inconsistent, you will never be a competent employee in your line of work. Let alone be the expert or the pack, it won't be at all.

To deal with difficulties or obstacles inside a daily job alone is incapable, especially for a new task. Because you didn't do it in the first place.


As a result of inconsistent work, you do not achieve any achievement. So employees are mediocre. Nothing special, standard level continues.

With such performance, expect a rise in office or salary? It can't be. Automatically, your will be ruined. Grateful not to be fired or laid off.

of the

Inconsistent means unfocused in working. Then what concerns these kinds of model people? Surely their attention is more to care for things outside of work.

For example the team is discussing the latest project, but instead you are busy shopping online, watching Korean dramas while pretending to listen. Something that doesn't benefit.

It's precisely when asked about the project idea, you can't afford to give it away. It is that will make your judgment bad in the eyes of the superior. Performance instead of improving, it is decreasing even more. B

• Waste of time

A task half-hearted, not totality will set you at a time. There is not much work, yet it feels difficult and it takes more time to finish.

This is because you don't really master the overall field of work even though you've held that job for years. So, more time is wasted.

• Irritating and

One or two times inconsistent and influential on performance, may be excusable. But what if it's done continuously, it's even meaty? Definitely will irritate the boss and daze with your terse behaviorbut.

A boss who is unsuspecting, could have covered up the mistake and let you keep working at the company for pity reasons. But make a boss who is unforgiving, ready to be reprimanded, a warning letter, or fired immediately.

For what it is to hire people who are not earnest in working, while out there, many people are competing with a well-tested consistent attitude.