5 HP Marks Need to Be Replaced and HP Buying Tips
5 HP Marks Need to Be Replaced and HP Buying Tips

5 HP Marks Need to Be Replaced and HP Buying Tips

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Each year, there are many latest cell phone models issued by a brand. Surely with different for each model.

The question is, do you need to change handsets when the latest models appear in the market? The answer is no. Replacement would be better done apabila your is starting to show the following signs.

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1. Battery quick drop

5 HP Marks Need to Be Replaced and HP Buying Tips
5 Marks Need to Be Replaced and Buying Tips

Rapid battery performance degrades to a sign that you need to replace the new HP. If the battery is poorly maintained, the HP must go back and forth in a gas that is certainly aIt inhibits flexibility when using it. Imagine that if HP drops when it needs again, all work will inevitably be delayed.

Indeed, these conditions can now be overcome by always carrying a power bank while traveling. Unfortunately, the continuous use of power banks is not inencourage as it can accelerate HP battery damage.


When HP's performance starts slow while opening frequently opened applications, it's best to save a lot from now on. This is a sign the age of the cell phone is not it will be a long time since it has to be replaced with a new one.

is due to HP no longer being able to receive developed application updates over time. Then it's natural that perfanyais not maxed out, even applications often come out on their own while loading.

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3. HP frequently restarts itself

5 HP Marks Need to Be Replaced and HP Buying Tips
5 HP Marks Need to Be Replaced and HP Buying Tips

HP often restarts suddenly certainly irritates its users, especially if it is busy browsing or social media. Not without reason, oftenyes restart is caused due to HP's age being too old, hot-swappable, and virus in it.

If all three occur on HP, it is recommended to directly replace them with new ones rather than fixing them to the counter. Cause, cost to fix bithe reason is slightly different from new purchases due to the many improvements that must be made so that HP's performance returns to its maximum as it was.

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4. Want finer

If you feel the current HP specification is too out-of-date, such as a less good camera result, then consider ways to squickly upgrade to higher specifications. Currently many of the latest HP outputs have advanced features. Not only cameras with wide angle only, but also feature face recognition and finger print.

Better specs will certainly make you more at home using those HPs. Not only for daily necessities only, but also for busesnis and work. Thus, the entire activity can be completed quickly and easily.

5. Limited memory

5 HP Marks Need to Be Replaced and HP Buying Tips
5 HP Marks Need to Be Replaced and HP Buying Tips

The HP 128 GB memory is definitely lacking, especially for those of you who hobbyize photos, recording, and application downloads. Indeed, it is now available Google Photos for Android and iCloud for Apple users that could be used as additional memory.

Unfortunately, there is a price to be paid according to the desired additional memory capacity. Counts pay for additional memory per month or per year, over well change the HP, isn't it? By replacing HP, you could take advantage of the latest and most advanced features it offers.

New HP Buying Tips

1. Determine the desired HP model

There are currently many HP models sold in the gadget market. Choose the one as needed by looking at the specifications in it. For example, jika You need a nice camera for photography needs, choose HP that provides wide angle features, high DXOMark, etc.

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Indeed, there will be a price paid to obtain HP specifications as needed. If you don't mind paying more, then feel free to change the desire to replace HP came true.

2. Count the money raised

Next is looking at personal financial conditions. How much money has been successfully raised so far to replace the new HP? If in fact the amount it is still far from the price of the HP wants to buy, that means you need longer to save until the money is accumulated.

Lose the habit of consumptive shopping, hang out, or take a walk for a while. You must sacrifice or reduce one of the expenditure posts for the sake of realizing the desire to replace HP.

3. Buy at an official store

The tip when buying the last HP is to go to the authorized store to avoid fake or used sparepart products. The official store has definitely sold new products and begelsegel, so it can be confirmed the product is genuine.

It is also recommended not to leave the store during the application installation or setup process. Purpose to prevent HP from being brainwashed or replaced It's spare because there are some salespeople sometimes like kicks.

Replace HP at the Right Time

It's okay to change phones, but change them at the right time. When HP already shows one of the five signs described above. Also watch the need before replacing it, so the new phone will be in trouble