5 Best Photo and Video Snap Apps for iOS, Which is Your Choice?

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5 Best and Apps for iOS


Our team will recommend a and capture application specifically for iOS devices.

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This app gives a magical touch to photos and videos taken with your or iPad.

Photo Editor app

The first recommended application for editing photos is Darkroom.

Yes, this application is quite popular, and indeed one of you has used it.

Darkroom offers an intuitive and easy-to-use UI for even the layman.

In Darkroom, you can manually adjust contrast, highlights, shadows, color temperature, and other details.

There are also several other exciting features, such as a curve editor, watermark options, and RAW support.

Some of the Darkroom's features can be tried out for free, though there's a $19.99 per year subscription plan if you want to enjoy even more features.



For photography fans, you must be familiar with the Halide app.

The application provides features that are pretty indulgent for professionals.

We start by setting the shutter speed, ISO, and white balance adjustment.

One of the unique features of Halide is the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

With this feature, XR and SE 2020 users can take photos of animals and other objects without needing an additional lens.

Halide also offers support features that allow users to take high-quality RAW photos.

Like Darkroom, some of Halide's features can be enjoyed for free.

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However, subscription plans are also $11.99 – $39.99 with more complete feature availability



Moving on to the following recommendation, Adobe has one photo editing application, namely Lightroom.

Like Darkroom, Lightroom is also an already quite popular application.

If you are a user of Adobe Photoshop or the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom, you must already know what editing convenience is like in these applications.

Lightroom offers easy photo editing even if the photo is taken in RAW format.

Options such as manually adjusting lighting, colors, effects, details, and other things are also available.

If you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, with Lightroom, you can sync photos from the mobile version to the desktop version.

All features in Lightroom can be enjoyed for free by users.


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This time, there is a name that may not be too familiar to your ears, namely Focos.

Yep, this application is suitable for iPhone users who like to take photos in portrait mode.

One of the great features of Focos is that it offers the option to make the photo background look blurry.

The blur effect produced by Focos will be different from the iPhone camera.

Because Focos has diaphragm results different from bokeh photo effects and professional lens presets.

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There is also the option to add 3D lighting and change the photo's depth manually.

Focos is also supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, similar to Halide.

The app can be downloaded for free, but to enjoy more features, you can subscribe from $7.99 – $12.99.




If you have been presented with a photo editing application, especially for videography lovers, MakeMac recommends a video editing application called DoubleTake.

If you have been presented with a photo editing application, especially for videography lovers, MakeMac recommends a video editing application called DoubleTake.

This editing application does not only offer services for cutting and adding effects.

DoubleTake, allows you to shoot videos from two different angles and lens formats.

For example, you can record moments using the ultra-wide lens and selfie lens simultaneously.

Effectiveness is an advantage that DoubleTake offers in its application.

The application supports recording at 24, 25, and 30 frames per second.

All the features in the DoubleTake application can be enjoyed for free.

Those five recommended photo and video editing applications can be your choice.