13 How to Repair a Non-Functioning Laptop Keyboard, Do Not Rush Service!
13 How to Repair a Non-Functioning Laptop Keyboard, Do Not Rush Service!

13 How to Repair a Non-Functioning Laptop Keyboard, Do Not Rush Service!

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Being able to support various daily activities, such as, work, study, and entertainment, laptops for some people are a must-have item. Practically carried around, not a few people would prefer this portable computer to a personal computer and still be able to experience the benefits that are not much different.

It's just that every device on the laptop is connected into one inseparable part. As a result, when there is only one part that has suffered damage, most users of the item will immediately buy new or service so that it can be reused.

One laptop device classified as having frequent problems is the keyboard, both partially damaged and completely damaged. When that happens, the benefits of a laptop will inevitably decrease dramatically because it cannot be used to type and is able to disrupt the daily activities of its users.

However, don't worry. Before taking it to the service place, you can do several ways first to fix it yourself. Not too difficult, all users can definitely fix a broken laptop keyboard and not make it worse. For more details, check out various ways to handle lap keyboardsthe following non-functional top.

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Repairing a Laptop Keyboard

1. Num Lock Function Check

When this key is active unknowingly, the keyboard part that is primary will be converted into a numeric keypad or a number.

Typically, when Num Lock is enabled, some parts of the keyboard do not function as they should. To turn it off, you need to press the Fn and Num Lock keys at the same time. However, this problem occurs only in certain types of laptops only.

2. Restart Laptop

If the above problem is not the cause of the laptop keyboard problem, another way that could be done is to restart the device. Turning off and turning back on a laptop computer is indeed the most common and easy thing to do to address the various problems on those devices. If the usual restart method does not freezeerja, you can force the laptop off by pressing the power button and holding it for a few seconds.

3. Run System Restore

If it still does not come to fruition, you can do the next way, which is to run the system restore command. It's easy, for Windows 10 users, system recovery can be done by opening the Start Menu, then typing “Recovery”, and selecting Configure System Restore.

4. Perform a Repair on the Keyboard

Another thing that could be the cause of a laptop keyboard not working properly is the occurrence of an error in the driver. Triggers can be various, such as, viruses, or problems in specific software and applications.

To fix this, you will need to check it with Device Manager for the keyboard section. If there is a yellow triangle mark visible, meaning the keyboard driver is indeed having problems. Download and install the new driver through the official website of the laptop brand to address those issues.

5. Check Settings on the Keyboard

Problems on a laptop keyboard could be various, for example is typing itself and not according to the number of letters pressed on the keyboard key. When experiencing this problem, you can resolve it by checking the settings on the keyboard. How to do this by going to the Start menu and selecting Control Panel.

Then, select the Ease of Access option, and select the Make the keyboard easier to use option. Then, select the setup filter key, and click Uncheck All. After performing those steps, check that the problem occurring on the laptop keyboard is resolved or persists.

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6. Change Keyboard Layout

If a number of the above ways do not resolve the problem, it could be that the root of the keyboard problem is not functioning normally in its layout. Because the layout used does not match, some of the keyboard functions will be off or there are letters that appear on the screen different from those pressed on the keyboard.

To resolve this, you will need to open the Start menu, type Searching “Language” in the liquefaction column, specify the language you want to use, click Options, and then make sure that the highlighted writing is “US QWERTY”. To prevent the problem from reoccurring, you can delete some layouts that are not needed.

7. Clean Laptops of Dust and Food Crumb

One of the common obstacles to laptop keyboards is that a few keys alone do not work. The cause could be dust or food crumb that goes into between the keyboard parts. As a result, the button cannot be pressed perfectly and unresponsive.

To fix this, you need to disassemble parts of the laptop keyboard and cleanse dirt as well as dust. It's not difficult, to disassemble it, make sure the laptop doesn't turn on, and tilt the laptop in about 90 degrees position and shake it slightly to make dirt easier to come out. If any dirt is still stuck, use bantuan tools, such as, duct tape or dry tissue, to clean them gently.

8. Fix Perfectly Unmounted Connectors

Other causes of la keyboard problemsThe ptop is not functioning properly may be the connector that may not be plugged in perfectly or seamlessly. This of course makes the keyboard problematic. To be sure, you can unpack your own laptop keyboard by viewing video tutorials on Youtube or asking a more expert person for help installing connectors more appropriately.

9. Un-Install Battery

Performing a laptop reset is considered as ca powerful fig to address a number of problems that arise on such devices, with no exception to a malfunctioning keyboard. To do so, turn off and disconnect the battery as well as the laptop adapter. Then, wait a moment.

In the battery detached state, press tomBol power for one minute, then reinsert the battery and power on the laptop. Hopefully this will address the problem of a non-functional laptop keyboard and bring it back to normal.

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10. Replace the Carrying Keyboard

While ensuring that all of the above ways doesn't address the problem, maybe the next step you need to take is to replace the carrying keyboard. You can easily buy it at an online store or laptop service place by customizing the brand as well as the laptop type. To replace it yourself, there are many tutorials on the internet that can be used as referrals. Like, Youtube or sites that discuss computers.

11. Use On-Screen Keyboard

What if the keyboard still doesn't fuWhy don't you keep using it well? For a while, you could take advantage of the on-screen keyboard features that are commonly available in almost any type of laptop. To use it, you can go to the Start menu, select Programs, Accessories, then Accessibility, and click On-Screen Keyboard.

By using those features, in a laptop screen will pop up a keyboard layout that could be used for typing. The trick is to click it using a mouse or touchpad. Impressed rivet and inflexible indeed, however this way can always be used in times of emergency.

12. Install an External Keyboard

Slightly eating the fare, the next way to address the problem on a laptop keyboard is to purchase an external keyboard, either a wireless or USB one. This is considered to be the most practical way to prepare laptop keyboard problems that no longer function properly.

In other words, you can still usekan laptop as usual, however need to add additional keyboard as is commonly done to regular computer use. So, you need to take those external laptops and keyboards anywhere.

13. Bring to Place Service

Last way when all the steps above It doesn't work is unwilling to take the laptop to the service center or service center. Originally the extent of the damage is not very severe, the laptop keyboard will inevitably be repairable and function normally again.

If you still have insurance or becausensi, you can do those repairs free of charge as per the promised protection. To be sure, try to ask the cause of the laptop keyboard malfunction with the technician and how to prevent that from happening. That way, the keyboard won't break easily and doesn't trouble its users back.

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